Arcadia’s Window

This tale begins where most tales begin, within a home. It wasn’t that spectacular of a home either. It had a front door and a back. A basement and a backyard. The driveway could fit about two cars end to end. The family inside was about as ordinary as any other family that lived in the quiet neighborhood that sat on Limace lane. There was a dad who was a little too loud at times but could make even the sternest individual smile from amusement. There was a mom who seemed to be the quietest and most unassuming person in the whole world, until Karaoke night of course. These two individuals together produced the purpose with which this story is being told, Arcadia, or Cadi for short.

Cadi was a “precocious little munchkin,” as her father so lovingly referred to her. She wore pigtails in the winter and hats in the spring. Sometimes she would put her left sock on her right foot and her right on her left. She could say her ABC’s in Spanish about as well as she could in French. She could read bedtime stories to her mom and make breakfast with her dad. She even knew how to make coffee (even though it is very very nasty indeed). As a six-year-old, she was about as advanced as they come, she was quite certain. But if there was one thing that Cadi could do without, it would have to most certainly be, SCHOOL.

Now to be fair, Cadi didn’t hold anything against school itself. The chairs, although uncomfy, helped her keep good posture. The teachers, although old, always answered all of her many questions. The grass was as green as anywhere else in the world, Cadi figured, and the milk at lunch tasted the same as milk from home. The other students were nice, and the hallways were all quite colorful. Yes, the school was very nice indeed. No, the only thing that really bothered little Cadi about her school was the windows. They were normal windows. The playground could be seen through them and classrooms could be seen through the other side. Nothing was particularly awful about these windows, they just didn’t compare to her window at home is all.

One Limace Lane, in the unspectacular home of Cadi’s unspectacular family, was Arcadia’s window, or so affectionately called by her parents. Now, this window was the same as any other window in front of a house. The window was huge, in comparison to Cadi, who was very much tiny  Cadi knew what huge was, she had once tried to put on her dad’s pants only to be swallowed alive in one leg. The curtains were tied to the sides of the window, so there was light shining through it all day long. She eventually became enamored with the massiveness of the window, having the attention span of a rabbit, completely forgetting there was someone standing on the other side of the door.

Until one day, something did happen. On her way home from school, as she was getting off of her bus, she noticed something was different about the street. A truck was parked next door, in the house Mr. and Mrs Baxter lived in with their 4 dogs, 2 cats, a parakeet and a goldfish named Noah. Well, it wasn’t exactly across the street, it was sort of on an angle and with the trees positioned how they were in the yard, she could hardly see anything. She went to the end of her driveway, all the way to the very edge, to where she would soon need an adult to tread further. Still, she could only see the large truck. Frustrated she went to her front step, trying to peer over all the trees and the truck at the same time, even standing on her tippy toes. Nothing. She could feel her face grow hot as her determination only rose. She walked inside her home, which was a rather unspectacular home, but her home nonetheless. She huffed and puffed, as she waited to be greeted by her parents. Silence. Her clenched fists were not as tight anymore; the blood flowing through her body that had once been boiling had now cooled. She looked left for a while, then looked right, waiting for any sound that could validate that this was her home, as unspectacular as it was. Not a single noise.

She grew worried, what if her whole family had been kidnapped by smooth talking vampires! Or been lured into a trap by wolves that walked on two legs! She shook her head vigorously, sometimes her almost seven-year-old imagination got the best of her; as if her dad could be out-talked by anything. Especially a vampire, in the middle of the day, all the way on Limace lane, preposterous! Dragging her feet she found a note left by her parents. They were out spending the night at the cottage they had, 20 miles away in the woods. She hated the woods, nothing was worse than bugs, but at least she knew they were safe now. Just as always, everything worked out as it always did.   Nothing ever happened on Limace lane.

Until something actually did happen. Well, it was just a knock, but it was a something nonetheless. She walked to her door and was about to turn the knob when she remembered her parents teachings; always check first. So she walked over to the window in the living room, right next to the front door.  A second knock jump started her thinking process again, and she remembered her purpose for being at the window in the first place. Peering around the curtain, her eyes deceived her immediately. The was a small child standing on her front porch, holding cupcakes no less! Wolves in human clothing, this could be the only explanation because nobody ever came to this house. Nobody ever moved across the street from this house, and nobody especially ever brought cupcakes to this house, it was far to unspectacular for any of those things.

In a panic, her whole body froze. As much as she wanted to answer the door or  ask the boys name or even force him to eat all of the cupcakes while she watched, of course, wolves’ deception knows no bounds. But she did none of those things, instead she stood ever so still, and watched. She watched as he knocked again, and watched as the huge smile slowly faded from his cheeks. His white teeth slowly disappeared as disappointment crept up his spine and planted itself firmly into his essence. He would never return to this unspectacular house again, she could feel it. She wanted so badly to just open the door, but her grip on the curtain was now the only thing keeping her grounded to the planet.

Why did he come? Who were the cupcakes for? Since when did wolves or vampires have such mesmerizing eyes? None of this made sense. But this window kept her safe, for now. She needed to learn more, she was GOING to learn more. Cadi knew that for the sake of her family, no, every person living on Limace lane, she had to find out everything she could about these creatures that looked like the rest of them. But they were not like the rest of them. This boy didn’t hesitate when he got to the end of the driveway, there was no adult within eyesight nonetheless arms length. He was so different. Maybe he was a magician, that could explain the tingles in her tummy. As well as why she was still staring at his new home, when he had walked away an hour ago. Or why the cupcakes were the best she ever had. Or why they tasted better when she sat at the window. That had to be it, magic.

He must’ve put a spell on herThat had to be it. Finally, something spectacular was happening on Limace lane.