Just not you

I don’t usually talk about love. Because I ┬áhurt her, and there’s nothing I can do.

How can you truly say you love a person when all there pain is because of you.

People will tell you that’s the deal, love comes and it goes

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, just go with the flow.

But I don’t fish. My father never taught me. My mother was busy buying my love through the things that she bought me.

But my parents don’t know what I need, n what ppl say just doesn’t feel true.

So it’s hard for them to see it, because they’re just not you.

So what now?
My friends tell me I should start chasing to keep my mind from racing.

Try not to be alone, to avoid the pain that I’m facing.

“Smoke some of this weed, it’ll quiet your brain be patient.”

“Couple shots of henny in your veins and you’ll be wasted.”

Then I did it, because I know it’s the same things that you do.

Now im a zombie like them, but they’re just not you.

So I met Tonya n Toya, n Susie n Sharon. Type of chicks you can talk to and have no clue what they’re hearing.

Faces glued to screens, trying to see what the next chick is wearing.

And then I met her. She was perfect. In every way, in every fashion

Wore whatever she wanted, didn’t care what was clashing.

She ate like a guy, but could turn pretty on cue. She loved watching football, and making fat jokes too.

Everything was amazing, and I didn’t think about you.

Until I did.

I remembered you said you loved me, and made me promise whatever I do,

Not to let you go, or let you forget that this dream was true.

I told you I promise, and I’d wake up to every day like its brand new.

Because what good is having your dream girl, if she’s just not you.